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Beginning and leading.

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Leadership is not management or directing. Leadership is the ability to inspire or influence others towards the leader’s desired goal. As a participant in an organisation, you choose to follow a person because they have a vision that you feel is right. ┬áParticularly, one which aligns with your own purpose or needs. The one person who is more forward thinking among a group can be seen as leading and providing direction and leadership.

So with this understanding that Leaders have followers. If someone has followers, he or she is a leader.

Management literature mostly focuses on the characteristics of the leader – it asks “what make this person a leader”, rather than “why do these people choose to follow”. Here I will look at both of these aspects and cover models which look at these ideas.

I have commenced a leadership development course and as part of this, we have looked at leadership definitions, leadership models, and reflections on the actions of leaders.

As a summary of the first module, we reflected on the models we had studied and looked at presenting particularly a focus on the 4 Archetype of leadership developed by Perkins.


If you are interested in the Perkins Archetypes, jump through to 2:15min and it goes to about 8:20min.