GCSE Art and Design Understanding Assessment and Reporting

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Specifically the current specification.

GCSE 2016 New Specification

New grading scale 9-1, where 9 is the top.

Reduced internal assessment.

120hrs contact hours

First teaching September 2016.

Must comprise of process drawing.

Weightings for coursework and ESA will remain the same.

Assessment process remains the same. Internal assessment external moderation. (changes to the number of marks to 72 rather than 80)

Assessment Objectives wording is changed but remains very similar.

Specifications need to have at least two components covered.

2nd Jan is the release date of the ESA every year.

Drawing is a component which is expected in the new specification. This is seen in the broadest understanding of the wording. Drawing is defined in the new specification for the titles which are online. Fine Art is the traditional approach to drawing as a expressive form.

The moving into other specifications can also extend into computer drawing. The acknowledgement of the emerging technology.Drawing in photography is seen as preparation of notes and planning.

Written annotation is valued over greater volumes of text.

18 marks per AO, but split into the 6 bands with 3 marks in each band. The use of the the term ‘exceptional’ as the highest achievement is contentious as above the range that GCSE is developing.

ESA Paper will have a ‘getting started guide’. A editable course planner. Student guides are available.

FIRST TEACHING JULY 2016 FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. First examination is May 2018.


Evidence for Assessment Objectives

AO1 – Develop

Referencing students workbooks with artist studies, understanding the work of others. Annotation under the new specification. Using headings and bullet point anaylsis.

AO2 – Refine ideas

Exploring ideas – Media experimentation, compositional exploration, recording of steps of the workings and reflect. Changing as the work progresses.

AO3 – Recording

‘as work progresses’ indicates the need for change and the documentation of the works development. Linking the work back to the original sources is a good way of showing change. Purpose and relevance of the choice of artists to the development of the work.  Students who have a insight and change in the directions of the work must clearly demonstrate the shift with clear intentions.

AO4 – Presents

Evidence is found in the the whole assessment which is not the final piece. A purposeful and meaningful response. The assessment  is not lineal. Multiple intentions and outcomes can be indicative from the overall process. A smaller drawing in the  journal could be considered a A04 significant component.

AO3 Marking Activity.

Samples selected to focus on the bookwork. The use of the language is vital.

Assessment and Moderation Requirements.

Sampled students

Assessment grids

Authentication sheets

OPTEMS forms

All candidates

Merit order for both units. as well as a overall.

The brief at the beginning of the moderation process is vital to contextualise the course. A overview of the course in a written context is also useful.

Clear labelling and presentation of the candidates work is very useful to the moderator so they can find work in context. Making the work presentation explicit is better.

It is the role of the students to make it clear as to who, what, where, when is a good.

Grade Boundaries change but only by one mark or so. It is only after the marks are in for the year. When marks shift over a year when they have been accurate then it is most likely related to moderator feedback over a number of years when  this hasn’t been addressed.

Bottom line is to be as accurate as possible as results are recommended and these results then are statistically mapped across your cohort.


Four endorsed titles. Includes Photography, textiles, Fine Art, Graphic design. Marked out of 100

10 hr exam / 6 weeks prep. Set and marked by Edexcel.

Work A2 Maximum / 3 sheets of supporting documentation. Layout is very important. Techniques developed within the context of creating work should be clearly linked.

Presentation and layout should be making the connections to the work of others. Use the local environment if appropriate, use appropriate annotation, shoe the ability to review, modify, and refine. Mix horizontal and landscape presentation, and max at A2.

A downloadable copy of the IGCSE samples is available on the website.

Marking Activity

A range of marking of AO1-4 was undertaken and the difficulty of marking work was definitely clear as our group had marks ranging as much as 10-15 marks out of 80. This really highlighted the needs for Moderators.

Below is the PowerPoint presented from the section on the new course first exam 2018.

1 New Spec



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