TIG 2015 – Session 1 the SAMR and the TPACK model.

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This TIG is a Teacher Inquiry Group which runs at the Australian International School for the teachers to develop deeper understanding of an area of interest. The participants are guided to develop an individual path which can build the understanding of a topic of interest, which in-turn builds capacity in the classroom. The beauty of this approach is that all participants value their own experience because it is shaped by them.

I come to this TIG from a high technology teaching structured background and want to build my contemporary teaching practice to find the depth in the TPACK sweet spot. I have a constant awareness of the existing SAMR model for looking at the value which tech has in integration.  What is it that I do, NOW, and where and I going with it in the near future.? How can I improve my use of tech in the classroom to benefit the use of time, students experience, build better and deeper understanding, and act as a leader in the department and school for this approach.

TPACK – Technological, Pedagogical, Content , Knowledge.

Teaching structures traditionally would follow a systematic approach to content delivery as a teacher.

  1. What do I have to teach? – the content.
  2. How do I do it? – pedagogy
  3. What tools are available to use which are suitable? – technology

We discussed the areas of the Venn diagram and tried to understand the domains a little better.

Technological Knowledge – TK
  • Awareness of the tools
  • Ways of manipulating the apps
  • Ability to use the technology seamlessly in class
Technological Content Knowledge – TCK
  • The use of the web search to collect information for knowledge. Often has the ‘treasure hunt’ mentality.
  • This area often lacks an application to use the information.
  • Low level use often which lack longevity.
Content Knowledge – CK
  • The Oracle teacher who doesn’t use laptops and technology in the classroom.A teacher who has a lecture stuyle to content delivery. Specialist in one area of knowledge.
Pedagogical Content Knowledge – PCK
  • A traditional style of very effective teaching without technology.
Pedagogical Knowledge – PK
  • A flipped classroom model
  • Instructional Design
  • From a teaching perspective balancing the classroom structures of delivery of content.
  • Works well in having content work for us as a teacher.
Technology Pedagogical Knowledge – TPK
  • An IT Integrationist – knows their technology and can shape classroom structures in ped…
  • IT specialist without a subject content.
  • The role of a HOD to help people use tools to deliver the content.
  • Can work with teachers to shape the technology to the content.

Gallego Tech News | Smore

So, what does the TPACK area look like? Time to find out……

  1. […] learning, but also how it redefined learning in the context of the SAMR model. Nick Coulter (TPACK and SAMR) recently shared this infographic by Jackie […]

  2. […] learning, but also how it redefined learning in the context of the SAMR model. Nick Coulter (TPACK and SAMR) recently shared this infographic by Jackie […]

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