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PD Morning for Coaching ICT

Posted: August 6, 2011 in PLN

Today we are having a talk from our new ICT and Learning Coach at the school. Her name is Adrienne Michette and she has started with us three weeks ago. She has a background in IB MYP and is providing support to staff, students, and works within the school environment. She is a idea generator, developing creative ways for embedding tools, and stays in touch with emerging tools and technologies. The most effective use of these is a key component in the success of her position. All feedback from staff who have been involved with her so far have had terriffic things to say about her support. Helping staff to utilise tools for lessons and adapting structures already in place to draw on new tools.
Now that all our students have laptops it is not nesseccarily about the technology, but more about how we move forward with the tools we have at our disposal. We need to move forward.
We are now watching the Did You Know 2.0 video again. But this is it’s fourth version and it is now two years out of date already. Thoughts are coming from the discussion following this have been; teachers as managers, the information filter of Google (TEDTALK), online safety for teachers and students, the digital culture will transform the culture of information delivery as the new generation expects the information to be delivered in a certain way.