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Posted: July 28, 2011 in PLN

It has really only been a couple of years now that I have been blogging for teaching support. I find that if I wasn’t actually teaching I would not be doing this task. I come across so many things that students and other staff might be interested in that I want to share with others. I do find though that I struggle with the location of some items destination. Something i have discovered is that it is easier to really categorize the different content. With tags I really do find the competition with Facebook for ease of sharing something that seems to win when deciding the destination. Twitter is supposed to be the way to post really quick links to content but I am finding it just to brief and the cryptic links and language are in accessible for me.
The most frequent blog I use is actually my internal school blog which I provide support for students course content. I post ideas, links and YouTube clips that support the lessons that I am teaching and I would access this at the beginning of the lesson, use the resources and then the students can comment on the lesson, ask questions or leave a comment for other students is they like. I find this good because I can categorize the subject and the term and the students can easily find content related to them without having to see other subjects, year levels or unrelated posts. What I have found though is that students are browsing stuff that I am shoulding older year levels for ideas also.
In our department we are finding that it is also a good way to see what each other are teaching in our subject areas. I have found that if aim planning a cooperative unit we can work on posting content together into the one location and provide links to each others blogs.

  1. PLN team says:

    The use of the blog to share resources and allow your students to comment is a great idea. Many teachers might feel this is creating more work for themselves, but your point about students being able to quickly find what they are looking for when they go back through the blog might actually save you time. It’s interesting that students are looking through material that you’ve posted for older year levels- does this cause problems or are you happy for this to happen?
    The PLN team

  2. Nick Coulter says:

    I am a art teacher (specifically photographic and digital media) so I will usually, if not always, write new units each term to match developing trends. One of the main comments I get from older students is that “why didn’t we get to do that when we where in Year 9?” or “How do you do that?” when looking at younger grades. In the end it creates a more vertical knowledge because students are discussing the same subject but across levels and refering to the blog for content information. I really like the annual exhibition because the students in younger levels can feel proud of their work and the students in higher levels can refer to the blog for resources and refernces for techniques.

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