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I have been at the eLearning Forum for the Wednesday-Friday sessions. It has been a great injection of thoughts and a real reminder about how great teaching is for those of us who are energised by growth and possibilities. I went to it thinking that I would probably know a fair bit of what was on offer but would consolidate some things to get it ‘right’. WOW, was I surprised. It is one thing to know about something, and another to know how to use it in-depth. Just about every workshop, speaker, or person I spoke to had something to offer. But what was assuring was that I was able to reciprocate on many occasions which felt good. Even one of the keynotes had something to share and I was able to replicate with a tool I use.

As to our week 4 blog I would have to say that I have use Wallwisher for some tasks in class like posting thoughts from students and doing group work with students to identify criteria and a framework for peer assessment. This was good as the students could continue to add thoughts as we went to expand and direct the discussion of other students work as they stumbled upon differing dimensions. I think though that Wallwisher is not as good as This works faster and is a better interface for students. It can be used in exactly the same fashion. The other visualisation tools haven’t really been that useful to me as they are a bit to ridged. I also don’t have much us for them as such yet as this is something I have been using as a desktop application in Inspiration. Students use this in my classes for brainstorming and theory response structures. It is useful to give students a messed up group of items and ask them in small groups of 3 to connect them and then share their connections and reasoning for the links. Discussion often provides higher order responses.   

As to the Google Suite, I would have to say the Sites was okay but I began to see it as a labrinith that you could just end up getting stuck in. It might be good to use as a LMS (Learning Management System) if you didn’t have one operating in your school already. II looked at it as a way to create ePortfloio’s of students course work and subjects groups. The embedded gadgets and iFrame tool would have to be the best tools in there, or just the count down for assignments and events. I still think, Twitter, FB, and Blogs are great ways to stay in touch with students and keep them engaged.

If anyone is interested in the eLearning Forum, it would be a great venture and a way to get some amazing PD next year. Keep and eye out for it. Beijing 20102. The Twitter hashtag is #elfa. (For those who don’t know what that means, type that into  and it will show you all the related Tweets from the conference, or at least those that posted using that hashtag.)