ePortfolios with Google sites – ramblings

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

To encourage life long learning we should be using free applications for students to continue to use after they leave our tuition. Something they can continue to use and build on into the future. Today I am looking at Google Sites as an option for setting up an ePortfolio. It is great way to combine information such as RSS feeds and a place to access remotely to take notes and get feedback. With a range of privacy settings the site can be personalised to public or private, and customised to suit the users purpose. It is primarily built on a wiki platform so adding content is very easy. Sub folders and categories can easily be set up. A disadvantage is that there are no page level settings so you have to share everything or nothing

Some of the disadvantages would be that in this day, mobile friendly should be a pre-requiste but this is not good with mobiles/ If you need a lot of space this only provides a 100mb, but when you have the links to Youtube and other gadgets this might be enough.

With the Google Sites, other people can’t see these unless they have an account with Google. This can be done with other email addresses other than Gmail accounts. You can send people you want to be able to access the site a link which they can access the page through. The other way is to make it completely public for people to search the web for. If it is just for personal use you can completely close it. 

Embedded Google docs is really what this is good for. If you want to share PowerPoints then this is what you would use. Ofcourse, Mind42, Prezi’s and other online Web tools can be embedded as gadgets. Possibilities are great with this but as usual, I need time to sit down and try to work out what I would use this for.

Not too bad if you want easily accessed information for students to use.

  1. PLN team says:

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for this – really interesting. I’m going to share it through the PLN blog if that’sOK.
    (for the PLN team)

    • Nick Coulter says:

      No problems about posting on the PLN. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I might add some more in the next post to highlight some more advantages and issues.

  2. hampsonteach says:

    How do you get to ‘google sites’ to have a play? Or is that a really stupid question?

    • nickcoulter says:

      There are no stupid questions. Go to the Google.com homepage and at the top of the page you will see a range of options where you would normally select ‘images’ from. If it doesn’t appear you will see a ‘more option which will have a drop down box. It will be 2/3’s of the way down the list. Try that.

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