eLearning and 2020 – rantings and ravings

Posted: June 8, 2011 in PLN

I am sitting in a eLearning Forum Asia 2011, which is discussing what the future of learning will be. The overwhelming opinion is that this environment will be the Collaboration Revoltuion. The aspect that highlight this is the link to the idea of social media and the role that teachers have in engaging in the use of FB in the classroom. the fears of what this has to hold is central to the way forward. How do we make it better and remove the fear is a similar parallel to the development email. It is healthy for us to look at what it offers to students rather that the issues that it has. Students have overwhelmingly stated a interest in this. I personally will try to grasp ways to overcome these issues rather than facing the barriers as unsurpassable. The inclusive nature of this system of communication may just add to the information overload that they receive through other avenues of online sources.
At the forefront of this is that we need to focus on the systems of using it, not the actual applications like FB, and Twitter. they need to be taught about being responsible online citizens.
Are teachers going to be taught about social networking in the classroom through undergrad courses?
One other aspect that has come up is the relinquishing of control of the classroom from a teacher driven content and delivery system. The term 1+1 = 3 is a common term in this forum and the idea of social learning is the value of sharing.
The idea that we as teachers are now teaching information sourcing and sorting rather than content retention is also a key factor about the design and development of tasks for assessment. We need to look at the role of higher order thinking strategies and systems.
The question that is been discussed currently is about, what is the role of the library in 2020 with the digitization of knowledge and instant searchable archive. The analogy of the post office to send letters, versus email. You still need the post office as it still has a role to send packages and service public. Libraries will still have a role as providing learning spaces, specialist resourcing, discussion forums location, guidance on suitability of sources, and enlightening people on the possibilities of information sources. Knowledge is now 24/7 and is moving from paper to digital access. Wikipedia is nor the primary source of information retrieval. Support for students learning by helping teachers with the appropriateness of tasks. The big question is, “why don’t librarians band together to rewrite Wikipedia pages so they are correct?”
The establishment of a millennial council ( students born after 2000) in a learning organization is a great idea to address these questions. What do the students, users, and stakeholders have to say about this.


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