How social can you get in one day – Twitter, FB, and Skype. Sometimes together.

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Well have you ever been on your home phone when your mobile rings. This is what happens with Skype also at my place. Family and frieds quite often ring when I am on the house phone or visa versa. Skype has been the life saver for us living away from home. We live in Singapore and most days have a chat to family from one part of our lives. I have small childern which are very engaged with the process of Skype and often talk of Skyping someone. At school all staff machines are fitted with Skype but don’t have the webcam, so really it is a matter of staff organising their own devices for them to use these. I know that there must be loads of use for these but I really haven’t got around to it. A one stage I was dead set keen on getting this organised to Skype with my old school but it nver worked out that way. Timetabling and time differences just meant it wasn’t going to happen.

As to Twitter and FB, well I love Facebook because I am happy to blend my personal life and work as both relate to art. I follow a lot of groups on FB which are usually local galleries and artists. This is a great way to keep track of events and announcements from these people.

I attended a conference last year where one of the presenters basically convinced me to join Twitter just to follow Mashable because that it where he learnt most of his new stuff. So I did and I follow about 50 different people and places. I try to check it about once a week but usually find it is not as engaging as FB due to the short text and minimal visuals.

What I need is something that collects all my FB, Twitter, and RSS feeds into one single timeline feed. Any thoughts?

  1. PLN team says:

    An all in one Twitter, facebook and RSS reader would be pretty handy. The best we’ve seen at this stage is Feedly, which presents your Google Reader account as a magazine style page. It also includes links to Twitter and Facebook accounts, so it may be worth a look. You could also use th iGoogle homepage, which does include lots of different apps that you can use to check into RSS, keep track of Tweets and check Facebook.
    The PLN team

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